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Dark Chocolate

Title: Dark Chocolate

March 8th, 2021- A new beginning for me and many others. 12th Grade  the final year of my school with the ‘New Normal’ in effect. I was many things when I first learnt about this news-even more so today morning. Nervous,  sort of enthusiastic, lazy to get up and change but at one point I simply did not know how to feel. Somehow pulled myself together though and left for school after more than a year.

It also felt a bit strange because I was used to having family around and had admittedly become a little dependent on them even going so far to ask to be fed meals while I worked, ordering a pack of dark Chocolate every week because I am simply in love with them for whatever reason and in short, whatever I needed and whenever I needed it, they were ever ready to support me.

The day went well fortunately and I made it in one peace till the lunch time. It felt nice rummaging through my bag looking for the same lunch box that  I used to take the last time I had gone to school. Opening it hungrily and devouring the lovely rolls inside stuffed with all sorts of vegetables. As usual, I found two rolls and scarfed them down. Was about to close the box and move on but realized there was something else underneath. It felt small, wrapped neatly in a piece of foil paper. I slowly pulled it out and discovered something that brought a huge grin on my face and sent my mind hurtling down memory lane.

It was a small, square shaped, bar of dark chocolate. Hadn’t eaten one in quite a while probably  because of the nervousness a little bit  but when I took one bite of it this afternoon it really was just what I wanted. Just what I needed.

As I mentioned before I really love dark chocolate. Not everybody in my family shared this sentiment at first though. My mother for instance absolutely hated it at first. According to her it tasted sour and disgusting and not at all worth being called a chocolate. However, as I said during this lock down if nothing else the love and interaction between all us family members grew tenfold. We shared everything happiness; sadness and were so used to it that I would offer her a piece of the  whenever I’d go get it  knowing full well, she disliked it but she would take it and eat it. This went on until guess what? Dark Chocolate is  suddenly the best thing in the world!

So, what I mean is it felt so good. I had not at all expected to find this bar in my lunch box that day had in fact gotten annoyed with my mum that morning for dumping two bananas in my bag but when I actually got it  just felt so amazing. I of course, hardly mean the taste. The consideration,  the care, the bonding. It felt like I had found my mother inside the lunch box because it made me remember all those fun times with her sitting at home when we were all bored. I’d go and annoy her; she’d then return the favor. Sometimes we’d fight for silly things then make up. It felt like even though I was technically far away from her after so long   she was right there with me.

Such is the role of a woman. Doing so much and wanting absolutely nothing in return. Sometimes acting as pillars, ready to catch us at the instant we show signs of falling. Sometimes the tough trainer and mentor one needs to keep moving forward in life. That’s what I have felt anyway. My mom has been all this  and more. She has taken it upon herself to fill in the role of the annoying sister, the worried mother, and the understanding friend single-handedly just for me.

So, I think we should thank all the women around us today . Thank them for they are the backbone of our families, the barely visible but strong beam of light during the dark times.  The cheerful and hopeful ones when all seems lost and most importantly, they are fighters. Courageous brave fighters who have no hesitation doing and giving anything for the sake of their goals and their loved ones. I don’t think it comes as a surprise if I do say this myself that all the credit of me being where I am at today goes to my mother who kept moving despite the odds, she fraught the world but she didn’t give up on me in this fight to make this world an inclusive place. She equipped me with the skills that I possess now. She taught me how to take charge.

Today, I would like to wish all you warriors a very  happy women’s day and want you to know that we truly appreciate and are thankful for all that you have done for us and keep doing unconditionally. I hope that I can reciprocate this love compassion and wisdom someday but honestly doubt that will ever be possible.

With that ,this is Aarush signing off !

 Stay Safe  

 Stay Inclusive

OH, and give all the women around you  who are probably still working hard and thinking about you coming up ways to make your day a little bit brighter a big hug  —- Won’t you?

Happy women’s Day


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