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“A glass case next to it held a magnificent silver sword with large rubies set into the hilt, which Harry recognized as the one he himself had pulled out of the Sorting Hat in his second year. The sword had once belonged to Godric Gryffindor, founder of Harry’s House. He was gazing at it, remembering how it had come to his aid when he had thought all hope was lost.” ‘ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Faith, all of us hear this word in some form in our daily lives. These days  you have yogis talking about it, explaining its importance. You have successful people who  through real-life events share its significance in their own lives.

Since in my channel and hopefully in this blog, I have always endeavored to impart whatever I know in a more practical manner, I will try to do the same in this post and share my own experiences on how ‘faith’ has changed me especially with regards to inclusion.

When I was very little, I’d usually come back home with a teary face because I would feel bullied and lonely. I would always sit by myself not talking to anyone as I was rather shy and therefore, felt left out of all the activities those kids took part in games they made up or just random chatter that they were involved in. In short, I felt excluded and really wanted to be a part of the fun as well.

Then one day my mom told me something that changed this forever.

She said that I had two angels accompanying me wherever I went-one on each shoulder. Those angels were my best friends as well as my bodyguards. They would always show me the right way whenever I’d get stuck and protect me from any potential harm. So, when I’d feel threatened or disheartened, I was to call them for help. She would always remind me of this always ask me to be calm and composed.

Eventually, due to her constant encouragement and guidance I started believing in them myself and started counting on them whenever anything happened.

 When I was younger one of the students or a teacher would escort me from the bus to my classroom in the mornings. Once it so happened that there was this big event being held at our school so everybody excited to get there first left me behind standing outside the bus. I called but nobody seemed to hear me probably because of the commotion. I stood there alone and panicking,  not knowing what to do. Seconds turned into minutes but then I thought about those two angels. I called to them and started asking for help and guidance mentally. I do not know what I said for this was around 8 years ago but whatever it was they seemed to perfectly understand it. Eventually, as if being led by someone invisible I started walking. Two minutes later to the shock and bewilderment of my teachers and classmates, I arrived in one piece.

Several similar adventures presented themselves to me during the course of my childhood including, but not limited to, being bullied by a guy who was at least 5 years older than me and then being left alone when he was asked to escort me to the school bus or nearly ending up in a very bad shape after something rather nasty took place in the playground but in the end. Help was always given. Sometimes it was my own inner self, sometimes other people showing immense amounts of compassion and wisdom.

After that, I never felt lonely. Never felt that I didn’t belong. I knew that I always had those two angels by my side no matter what so I started opening up to other children without fear and started making  great friends, some of whom I have to this day. I was able to get so much control that even when bullied verbally I  didn’t fall apart. I remember when one of my friends got in a fight with someone causing that person to tip the guy’s lunch over and off the table, leaving him with nothing to eat. He was hungry and everybody else was busy playing their own games or roaming around so nobody noticed. I was there and although I didn’t have much left, shared it with him. The other guy realizing what I had done said something rather inappropriate to taunt me. If this were me from a few months ago I would be clueless. Would be hurt and disheartened. However, I had a secret weapon this time. My faith. I used that weapon and got a very interesting idea. Instead of ‘fighting fire with fire’ as many others may have done, or letting him push me around even further, I took another cookey from my lunch box and offered it to him as well. From what I was later told his face was a sight to be seen as he looked at me with utter confusion in his eyes and then walked away without another word. My friendship with that person whom I had shared the food with deepened, and I was approached by several others as well who were seemingly impressed.

So that’s how big of a role having faith has played in my life. My learning from all this is of course to believe. To believe in oneself, and others. To believe that there’s someone looking out for us even when it isn’t that apparent. I believed in those two angels, maybe your faith rests in something else entirely. That is of course up to you but it all comes down to trust. Doing your very best but when despite all that you seem to be stuck trust that you will find a way out. Trust that there will be people, forces to help you find a way out. Oh, and we can’t forget, faith has made me and the people around me more inclusive. I’ve learned how to deal with those who are actually clueless or who slip up because they do not know, I’ve learned how to deal with those who are well aware but do not care and would rather stay ignorant as well because I know that when even after me trying my best if people do not listen, I still have faith on those angels who I can rely on.

 That’s my story. What’s yours. Do comment. Feedback as usual, very welcome.

 Stay safe, take care of one another and stay inclusive.


3 thoughts on “FAITH.

  1. Aarush you have such beautiful experiences. Each experience helps us grow or breaks us. Faith in our respective angels helps us grow with each experience.
    Must say your posts are heart felt.


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